Getting it right

There are five key elements which contribute to successful irrigation. If all are done well an irrigation system can perform to industry standards, and the operator is able to apply water efficiently. This is SMART irrigation.



The five elements are




Each component has to be done well for an irrigator to become a SMART irrigator.

An irrigation system being correctly designed, installed, commissioned and maintained makes it easier for an irrigator to operate it well. An irrigation system designed, installed, commissioned and maintained to industry standards means the right amount of water can be delivered at the right time and in the right place.

Operating an irrigation system well is a vital component of SMART irrigation. Being able to justify the use of water is the most practical method for demonstrating the irrigation system is being operated well. “Was there a valid reason to turn the tap on and apply the amount of water that I did?



To enable and support all irrigators to achieve SMART irrigation recognition, Irrigation New Zealand has a continually evolving set of resources. These include :

  • Industry standards, codes of practice and guidelines – the backbone of the SMART Irrigation programme
  • Training workshops – to provide practical information for irrigators
  • Industry accreditation and certification programmes which set standards for the irrigation service industries
  • An irrigation knowledge resource and certification programmes
  • Decision support tools and resources


Are you getting it right? Let SMART Irrigation help. Contact to learn more about SMART Irrigation.

Did you know?

New water meter technology allows irrigation water takes to be monitored in real-time, with data typically recorded every 15 minutes. Data is sent online to the irrigator or a specialist water monitoring company, so that irrigation usage, efficiency and application rates can be checked. A typical irrigation water meter installation costs between $5,000 and $10,000, with an approximate $500 annual data charge (service provider and Council fees).