Why is it good for New Zealand?

Water is a strategic asset for New Zealand. It enables the primary sector to be a $30billion+ a year export earner and allows it the potential to grow into a $60billion one. However, alongside its productive potential, water plays a huge role in our unique environment.


We use water for outdoor recreation; visiting and enjoying waterways is part of the Kiwi way of life. Iwi value it highly for its spiritual, food providing and life giving properties. It is crucial that any water taken for irrigation or other productive enterprises is used responsibly and sustainably, and that we ensure maximum benefit is gained from any use.


New Zealand has abundant water resources which meet current and projected demand, particularly with the development of large scale water storage facilities. Harnessing its potential will allow us to deliver significant economic and social benefits for all New Zealanders.



















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Did you know?

A research project between Irrigation New Zealand, Fish & Game, Environment Canterbury and the Department of Conservation discovered where a fish screen is placed in a river environment and on-going maintenance of the screen are just as important to its success as its design.